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Our work team

Apolo Holdings
Our objective is to be the first private company of venture capital in Mexico.
The foregoing is a result of the experience of our team to carry out excellent businesses through various investment transactions, giving us, our Investors and Business Partners a good standing.


Apolo Holdings

Alfredo Núñez
Chief Executive Officer

David Hernández
Assistant Managing Director

Eduardo Núñez
Public Relations Director

Marco Reyes
Chief Legal Officer

Francisco Tapia
Chief Counseling Officer

Patricio Lomelín
Chief Production Officer

Marcelino Samos
Chief Real Estate Officer

Jean-Yves Guillou
International Financial Director

Rubén Bazán
Marketing Manager

Jorge Guillén
Chief Industries Officer

Pablo Arreola
Corporate Design Director - Derechos Reservados 2006 - Apolo Holdings -