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Our company
Apolo Holdings

It was founded by a group of Mexican businessmen in association with Mauri Financial group, which is dedicated to the development of companies and projects in all areas of economy, and which is an international net of companies.

Apolo Holdings is the development company in Latin America and is set up in Mexico City. The founder group of AH is composed by specialists in various areas the economy and with a wide professional experience in the Mexican and Latin American Market. Between the above-mentioned are the Business Banking, Marketing, Advertising, Legal Aspects, Corporate Finances, Business Development, Businessmen, Computer System Technician, etc.

Our Team is composed by officers with experience in the main business aspects, which allows taking advantage of their knowledge and synergy acquired in the creation of other businesses in different areas; as well as in entering into relevant agreements in marketing, media, human resources, technical resources, etc.

Apolo Holdings has the support and exchange of development infrastructure among all the worldwide development companies, which are located in strategic countries for us.

The process of analysis of business opportunities in Apolo holdings is based in evaluating the business concepts and/or opportunities which arise from our associates and which are sent to us by third parties to be evaluated and, if any, to be a support for their development. We understand that many groups that contact us, are only searching an income of capital, but they will find more than that with us, they will find a strategic relationship which will secure the success of their project through the aid of our specialists to create a quick value

The process is divided in the following four stages:

1.- In this stage, a company’s officer, who is authorized to promote businesses, send us the Project. [sic] which has been requested to be evaluated with the notes of the AHex who contact them. (It is important that the confidentiality agreement has been authorized). If we do not have the foregoing agreement, we can not start any proceeding.

Apolo Holdings, as its business indicates it, continuously receives many business and Executive Summary proposals and it must have the availability to study all of them. We understand the importance that each group gives to the confidential information of its company.

2.- Once the complete Executive Summary is received, we will start studying strengths and weaknesses with respect to the concept, competition, market, financing, growing, etc. If the project positively passes this analysis, then we will request you to send us the Integral Business Plan to carry out a deeper evaluation.

In the case that the Project did not fulfil the parameters of the preliminary evaluation, we will try to send you our comments with respect to your weaknesses in order to have a revaluation and, if any, a new presentation of the project.

This process will normally long two weeks.

3.- In the case that the Executive Summary passes the preliminary evaluation, we will request you by e-mail to send us the Full Business Plan. This document already contains the detailed financial information, which allows us to deeply study the project. At this moment, you are designated with a Business Analyst, who is the responsible to deeply review the Business Plan. In order to know whether or not the Business Plan is complete, in the reporting e-mail you receive from us, you will find an index with all the information that the Business Plan must contain.

4.- Once the Business Plan is studied, we will send you an e-mail informing the opportunity to carry out a direct presentation before the Apolo Holdings investment committee. A representative of our company will contact you to arrange a date in order to carry out said presentation.

From this moment, if the opportunity to invest is identified as viable, Apolo Holdings will create a Term sheet or Preliminary Agreement, which will set forth all the provisions that will govern the association formed by Apolo holdings and the project. Once the Term Sheet is executed, we will conduct a due diligence investigation; in the case the business is operating prior to the closing of the operation.

Finally, the resources of Apolo Holdings that will be used in the project, from facilities to officers and specialists will be designated.


Alfredo Nuñez
General Director - Derechos Reservados 2006 - Apolo Holdings -